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Since my retirement, services have only been available to folks we had worked with previously. Dr Kerson is now taking a very small number of new clients and has a few new services available. I no longer prescribe, and I do not accept insurance. The coaching offered here will be on a sliding scale. We offer treatments based on Dr Kerson’s methods, as described in Our Approach that work alongside and enhance the effectiveness of  other treatments. Our new services offerings and projects are listed below:


  1. Individual and Family Coaching for Nuerodiverse Adults
  2. The Adult ADHD Peer specialist Network
  3. Spring & Summer: Live Meditation methods seminar
1. Coaching for Individual & Neurodiversity family systems

1a. Individual Coaching focuses on applying a concise and comprehensive program of hypnotically assisted meditation to address emotional dysregulation (anxiety and depression) and executive functioning (procrastination and disorganization) in neurodiverse adults. Almost everywhere patients are given stimulant medication by practitioners who provide no therapy or guidance to accompany these useful but powerful medications.

1b. Neurodiversity family systems coaching for families with multiple neurodiverse members. Highly intelligent neurodiverse individuals tend to marry each other and tend to produce families with children who also have neurodiverse brains. In my 35 years of integrated therapy and medication practice for neurodiverse families and in my life as a member of neurodiverse families, I have developed expertise in helping family members understand one another, communicate with each other, and promote growth and mastery in these challenging family systems.


2. The Adult ADHD Peer specialist network

In recent months I have connected with Mike Patterson, a prolific ADHD content creator. Using my archive of material Mike and I are creating the first ever Adult ADHD  Peer Specialist Program. As our network expands we will be looking for individuals who are already Peer Specialists, or those in intending to become one, who wish to join us in filling the gaping hole in services for neurodiverse adults. We believe that there is little available and affordable guidance to go along with the stimulant prescribing that is almost never accompanied by other treatment. We want to fill that gap.


3. Spring & Summer: live Meditation methods seminar

The Attention Doctor will be delivering 2 live meditation seminars with demonstrations of methods used in practice for over 30 years. All seminars will live streamed and recorded. A limited in number of people can attend in person. Our hypnotic methods & meditative programs help with conquering anxiety, procrastination and the negative behaviors that can remain even after treatment for Adult ADHD with medication begins. Meditation is beneficial for many and its application is highly associated with structural changes in areas of the brain that are important for sensory, cognitive and emotional learning/processing. Medications treat chemistry imbalances not the learned reactions or response behaviors that are many times associated with neurodiverse individuals and day to day patterns in work and family life that still pose a challenge. Meditation and mindfulness have a major role in treatment beyond a prescription and yet many don’t understand the meditative form, or what it can do for brain growth, managing cyclic response patterns, left over anxiety & regaining control of self & mind. Our seminars give patients a unique perspective of what the practice looks like and how best to make use of meditation and our other freely available programs promoting and advancing mental health care for smart, unique  and caring neurodiverse individuals just like your self.

If you are interested in affordable effective coaching for yourself or your family with Dr. Kerson directly he encourages to write him here. If you are interested in participating with or helping to expand the peer specialist network or in the the Meditation seminars please contact Dr. Kerson directly here. Please indicate in your message what program you would like to participate in and in what capacity.

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