Stirring in Attentionland: Dr. Don Goes Video

Howdy one and all; long time no blog! Once again, against my better judgment, I am going to subject myself to the harsh glare of the camera, this time to create a record of the work I am doing (and doing and doing and doing). As the environment for stimulant...

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The Doctor is ‘In’! Psychiatric Stand-Up Jan. 29

As ever, mental health threads itself through the media landscape in one form or another. A few weeks ago New York Mayor DiBlasio announced a new mental health focus at Riker's Island prison, which is much needed as everyone knows we closed our asylums and moved these...

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Peter Kramer in the N.Y. Times

The front page article in the Sunday review section of the Times today is by Peter Kramer, of "Listening to Prozac" fame, a fellow Brunonian, (the attention doctor was Class of ’76). He's one of us aging prescriber therapists; but I'd be surprised if you can use...

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Regulatory Juggernaut Attacks Attentionland

Many readers of this material are current or former patients of mine, and as such they have already experienced the misery of rolling stimulant shortages, shifting co-pays, unresponsive byzantine insurers whose live employees know less than their automatons. They have...

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Shrinking Wisdom: Outbursts From the Attention Doctor

Hey there, ladies and gents. A warm welcome to those of you who are already familiar with my work; a special greeting to those of you encountering me for the first time. Today's post will be a brief shout-out about the range of exciting new material that is now (or...

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What’s Up in Attentionland

It's been some time since we've reported on our programs and our progress here at Greenpoint Psych and In September we began three new Mindfulness/Hypnotherapy groups, each of which met ten times and which ended in mid November. Throughout the...

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