Howdy one and all; long time no blog!

Once again, against my better judgment, I am going to subject myself to the harsh glare of the camera, this time to create a record of the work I am doing (and doing and doing and doing).

As the environment for stimulant prescribers has become more and more restrictive, the demand for our services here at has skyrocketed, up 75% since January, when new electronic prescribing laws went into effect. In 30 years of treating hyperactive adults who are also depressed I have developed some material that I think every adult with ADD who takes medicine should have, but up to this point the best way to transmit this material has been in person. The material is available in print and in audio on our site, but so far that’s no substitute, and I’m as glued to my office as I’ve ever been, giving the same spiels over and over.

So, we’re making an infomercial, during which I can get it done all at once, get it down, do it right; so I can stop doing it, or at least do it less, a lot less.

We will be filming at Founder’s Hall at St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, 182 Remsen Street, 11201 at 7pm on Saturday May 7th. The hall seats about 400. Boy, we’d love to fill it up. The audience will be a mixture of old patients, current patients, prospective patients, friends and family, and anybody else who hears about it and wants to show up.

I’m hoping that this film will receive wide distribution—85 percent of psychiatric prescription are written by GP’s who certainly will never have the time nor the inclination to present this material along with their prescribing. Indeed, the vast majority of psychiatrists are not very much more likely to do so either; and yet there are literally tens of millions of us, with few trained to care for us, and even fewer coming down the pike.

If any of you can see fit to join us this Saturday evening for this filming it would be much appreciated. I expect a celebratory atmosphere; over the almost 30 years I’ve been sitting on Manhattan Avenue, taking all comers, I’d like to think we’ve created a sense of community around us, and we’ll be harvesting that investment this weekend. Come and watch!

Would you or a friend like to attend? RSVP Here, again all are welcome!

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