Good morning everyone; On this fine fall Sunday we at The Attention Doctor are busy preparing our next newsletter, the second in our renewed series.  In August we threatened frequent outbursts, and some specific articles on ADD and depression. As usual, for me, and for so many of my customers, reality intrudes.

The difficulties of running the small business that is our therapy practice are hard to underestimate, and I am unhappy to report that the assault on outpatient mental health services continues unabated by the less than truly progressive Cuomo administration. Many challenges, many patients, not enough time for this.

First, as ever, I’m going to talk up new articles that are going to be posted alongside this (soon to be more frequent?) blogpost.

As promised, the upcoming “Gun Violence and the Death of the Prescriber-Therapist, Part II: What Should We Do?” continues to ask how can we think about and plan for the likely mental health needs of our less and less well safety-netted shrinking middle class.

Alongside this you will find a piece entitled “Bibliotherapy; The Attention Doctor’s Reading List”, some ideas and recommendations that have been rattling around up there for too long, that wanted to come out.

It turns out the pieces I promised on ADD and Treatment Resistant Depression are not as well developed as I had hoped, and I am at the moment disinclined to fix them. If this is an issue for you please feel free to contact me here at the site. (See the “Contact” link above or below.)

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