It’s been a long 20 months since I’ve written here. As some of you may know, in 2009, I both published my book, Getting Unstuck, and ran six different 10-week groups based on the same material.

Since that time a subgroup of participants have continued to meet regularly to explore topics around meditation and hypnosis in adults with ADD. Our book and this site have continued to attract a steady flow of educated mental health consumers seeking a deeper level of insight and intervention into adult ADD than is commonly available elsewhere.

The last 20 months have also seen the incorporation of Dr. Cynthia Donahue into my practice, who also sees ADD adults for therapy and who has guided our practice in meeting the never-ending administrative demands of a middle-sized insurance based practice.

Dr. Donahue and I have reached the point where we are ready to take another stab at creating a comprehensive short-term intensive intervention for adults with ADD and/or depression. This time around the groups will be only five weeks, and they will be held relatively early in the morning, starting at 7 or 7 30. There will be a set curriculum and groups will include medication management and the setting up of coaching pairs with other members of the group. We are hoping to begin sometime in the late fall. If you’re interested join our mailing list, we’ll be sending out an email blast when we get a little closer.

At the same time we begin these new shorter-term groups we’re going to be putting out an e-book version of “Getting Unstuck.” We are intending to mount some sort of publicity campaign for the e-book and the program. Watch this space for upcoming announcements.


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