It’s been some time since we’ve reported on our programs and our progress here at Greenpoint Psych and In September we began three new Mindfulness/Hypnotherapy groups, each of which met ten times and which ended in mid November. Throughout the fall folks who had participated in one of the four groups that were held last winter/spring continued to meet on an every other week basis, culminating in a workshop on November 7th that introduced three touch-based therapies (reflexology, Reiki, and cranio-sacral therapy) to a dozen members of our group.

This Wednesday evening December 16th we will be holding a meeting that merges together members of all seven groups, four from the winter/spring and three from last fall. This meeting and subsequent meetings and workshops will be drawn from a list of 54 people who have completed our program and  who remain interested in creating a community dedicated to ongoing mutual support and a continued exploration of meditation hypnotherapy and awareness in general, a community that addresses the challenges that face intelligent hyperactive people in our complex modern world.

At present, in addition to working towards defining and meeting the needs of those who have already completed our unique program, we are considering exactly how we should go about offering our programs and ideas to new folks. We will most likely be offering a new set of groups in late February, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan; we think that this time around groups will be eight sessions instead of ten. We are also very interested in beginning to offer our Mindfulness/Hypnotherapy program in a more concentrated manner, over two to three days. We are thinking of this as in intensive group outpatient program, similar from a health insurance perspective to programs that are currently offered to patients immediately upon discharge from inpatient or substance abuse programs. As always, please join our mailing list here at to keep apprised of our ongoing efforts and offerings.

For those of you who know us personally in one way or another, you will be aware that it has now been a little more than six months since the passing of Kristin Romano, the gifted and dedicated therapist and administrator who was instrumental in creating and implementing our unique programs, and it has also been that long since we had the great good fortune of adding Dr. Cynthia Donohue to our program and out practice. Even as members of our growing community have grieved the untimely loss of Ms. Roman, many of us have become more and more dedicated to and confident in the value of continuing and expanding the work we have been doing to create and define that most progressive innovative and comprehensive approach to the treatment of adults with ADD available anywhere. Stay tuned.

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