It has been ten weeks since the untimely passing of our valued colleague Kris Romano. We at The Attention Doctor and Greenpopint Psychiatric are grateful to have known her and worked with her. We are also fortunate to be able to welcome Dr. Cynthia Donahue MSW PhD, who has not only been able to continue working with some of Kris’ patients, but who will also be dedicating her coinsiderable skills to our ongoing mission of developing and perfecting the most comprehensive and innovative treatment program for hyperactive adults available in the New York metropolitan area.

Any of you who have been reading these entries over the past year may be aware that by the time of Kris’ passing in late May we had completed four ten week mindfulness hypnotherapy groups. The 35 participants who completed the intial program have for the most part stayed in touch through a vibrant email list, and have so far come together three times over the summer to continue working together on moving forward and getting unstuck.

We are now ready to begin the process of forming four new ten week mindfulness hypnotherapy groups that will begin in the week following Labor Day. Groups will begin on wednesday september 9th in our manhattan office, and on Thursday setpmeber 10th in greenpoint. Given sufficient interest, groups will be held in both locations from 430-630 and again from 7-9.

As we did in April, when the last set of groups were formed we will be sending out a mass email to our own modest email list and to the 11,000 member email list of the Greater Brooklyn Health Coalition. In addition, over the next three weekends we will be handing out flyers and 1200 free copies of Getting Unstuck all over McCarren Park, the beating green heart of the wonderful neighborhood that we are so proud and anxious to serve.

For those who may be wondering, a sangha is a Tibetan term for a community of meditators. Our small band of group veterans are a vital and already almost magical entity. If you have struggled with attentional issues, with procrastination and disorganization, with the management of mood time and task, please click on the group therapy logo and find out about our groups in more detail. Join our mailing list to keep apprised of our progress, and look for us in McCarren Park

There will be about 50 slots available in these four groups; most insurance plans will be accepted and we expect that the groups will fill quickly. If you think you might be interested, please contact us by phone or email, and our monstrously efficient exceedingly polite silver-throated office manager Steve Steele will get back to you promptly and arrange for a screening evaluation.

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