I’m happy to report that our group therapy program is proceeding apace. The first group, which began in our Manhattan offices in mid-January, is now in its fifth week and is proving to be just as interesting and stimulating as I hoped it would be, both for myself and for the participants. The second group is set to begin on Thursday, February 19th at 7pm. There are still a few spots available.

What is really most wonderful about the group we have begun in Manhattan is the camaraderie and the sense of a shared adventure that is developing among the members. Each person, in their own way, is exploring their powers of focus and concentration and beginning to learn how to apply these powers to the task of healing and growth that confront them. This progress in developing shared sense of purpose has made me even more excited about beginning the next group in Brooklyn.

At this moment, my ragtag team and I (there are 8-10 of us, full timers and freelancers both, working on all this behind the scenes, depending on who you count) are taking a little breather and trying to figure out how we are going to continue developing and disseminating our ideas, techniques, and programs. We believe now more than ever that our groups represent the best possible comprehensive program available for adults with ADD, and we are committed to surmounting the daunting logistical/financial/organizational problems that have long discouraged the provision of high-quality mental health care for this huge underserved population.

As always we ask for your help. All of you who have friends and family with ADD, please tell them about our site, about our book, and about our group programs. Please ask them to sign up for our mailing list. The larger our mailing list, the more easily we can continue forming groups and perfecting our techniques.

In the coming weeks, I will be writing a few more articles and blog entries, and our next major push will be to form three separate daytime Mindfulness/Hypnotherapy Groups for artists, for writers, and for musicians sometime in the beginning of April.

Stay tuned.

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