It’s been a busy few weeks here at On Thursday the 10th of January (2008), I spoke to about a hundred people at the Manhattan Adult ADD support group. Although I gave a number of presentations on ADD and Hypnosis in the mid 90’s, it’s been about ten years since I’ve talked about my work in a group setting. Many of those attending seem very interested in my take on the interaction of mood and trauma with underlying attentional disorders, and there was a robust question and answer period following the talk. Both the talk and the questions that followed are available here.

Thanks to all of you who attended and to the many of you that called afterwards. If we haven’t gotten back to you please try again; we get swamped.

You may have read an article this week in the NY Times about how drug companies systematically over-estimate the efficacy of their antidepressant drugs by declining to publish/report research studies that do not support them. This news speaks directly to the sometimes less than admirable ethics of our pharmaceutical industry; and to the very poor quality and minimal utility of most psychiatric research; it does not however say anything very much about the usefulness of anti-depressant medication, which if actually matched properly to the depressive subtytpe are often vital to a speedy recovery; for my views on this please see the articles section of our site.

The other new piece on our site is a short meditation on Buddhism, neuroplasticity and ADD and the argument for the idea of brain training as an a needed part of any treatment regime for adult ADD/ADHD.

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